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Sales & Delivery
Below is an overview and outline of expectations and job responsibilities for the Sales & Delivery position at R & R Brewing.
  • Assist the Head of Hoperations as needed throughout the administrative process.
  • Reconciling accounts within Quickbooks
  • Timely handling of mailings and deposits
  • Management of record keeping for invoices, receipts, and official documents
  • Data collection from both retail and wholesale software
  • Creation, editing, and monitoring of files within all aspects of Google Docs
  • Maintaining communications on behalf of the company with wholesale customers
  • Other responsibilities will be defined by the Head of Hoperations while on the job
  • Research and approach potential wholesale customers in both existing and developing areas
  • Maintain regular and accurate communication of product availability to wholesale customers
  • Tracking of keg deposits/credits with wholesale accounts
  • Utilization of the brewery office and its resources to organize, update, and share information with both the Head of Hoperations and Chief Fermentation Officer in regards to wholesale sales
  • Maintain a continued knowledge of the brewing industry
  • Resolve and coordinate resolution with any wholesale customers in regards to inaccuracy in delivery, pricing, etc.
  • Work with the Head of Hoperations to set realistic and achievable sales goals on a quarterly and annual basis
  • Worth with Chief Fermentation Officer to maintain a full understanding of each individual product and its marketable areas
  • Work with the Head of Hoperations to coordinate and execute marketing and sales efforts for specific taproom events
  • Other responsibilities will be defined by the Head of Hoperations while on the job


  • Timely, safe, and accurate delivery of orders to wholesale accounts

  • Efficient management of delivery route layout and stop

  • Clear communication of delivery times and customer availability

  • Management of invoices and payments while on route and post-route

  • Coordinate with and report to the Head of Hoperations pre & post-route for invoices and payments

  • Ensure thorough inspection of delivery vehicle pre & post-route

  • Maintain clean driving record while holding delivering position within the company

Responsibilities or duties that may occasionally occur on an irregular basis and, while not directly related to sales and delivery, are necessary for the continued operational success of R & R Brewing may include, but are not limited to:

  • Delivery or pick-up of ingredients for brewing, products for packaging, etc.

  • Local errands: Post Office, Bank, Grocery Store, Hardware Store

  • Other similar duties as assigned by management

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